Lussier Dairy


Lussier FamilyMatt and Linda Lussier moved to Hawthorne, Florida from Vermont in 1993 to help Matt's father renovate a farm he had purchased. It didn't take them long to decide they wanted to stay right on that farm and dairy in Florida.

The Lussiers are one of those classic farm families where everyone pulls together as a team. Matt's personable way makes him a natural to work with people. Using that ability to relate to dairymen, Matt locates cows for many other herds. This means that he spends quite a bit of time on the road. Meanwhile Linda holds down the fort at home. Linda is a superb herd manager and capably oversees the entire operation when Matt needs to be away and when he is buried in his office work. During one of my visits to the farm Linda had just helped a cow give birth to twins!

Matt's father continues an active role in the operation overseeing crops and maintenance. Daughter Samantha is a freshman at the University of Florida majoring in Accounting. Their son, Kevin, at 15 years of age is Matt's "right hand man" and is passionate about being a dairy farmer in the future.

The Lussier family sees their farm as part of a bigger picture - as part of their community, as part of the dairy industry, and as part of the environment.

As part of the community - the Lussiers simply are good neighbors - the neighbors you can always count on. Linda serves as the Youth Minister at their church. Recently Matt and Linda were presented the Dairy Community Award from the Central Florida Dairy Advisory Committee.

As part of the dairy industry - the Lussier family believes in giving back to an industry that provides them with what they consider to be a special way of life. Matt serves as President of Florida Dairy Farmers Inc., the milk promotion group for the state. This is a commitment for the entire family. While Matt devotes hours and days to this organization for the benefit of all Florida dairymen, the family picks up the slack in his absence.

As part of the environment - the Lussiers take their responsibility to protect the environment very seriously. They farm with the goal of sustainability for the family, the animals and the land. To quote Matt, "This is our home, our livelihood and our lifestyle and should be for generations."

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